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Our Innovations

The integrated model of preventive healthcare

We do not suggest that CHC created the idea of combining physical and mental healthcare to promote healthier individuals and communities – only that we have proven that it can be a sustainable business model as well as a means of successfully helping people live better lives.

Movement to digital records

CHC was one of the first practices in the country to move to an entirely electronic health record, making our patient interactions faster and more accurate.

Use of multiple languages in patient communications

Our telephonic language lines provide instant translations that break down cultural barriers between provider and patient. A patient no longer has to struggle to find the right word for his illness – it’s right there at his or her fingertips.

Nurse residency training program

CHC created a model for residency-based training for nurse practitioners that is now being adopted by organizations across the country.

Integrating R&D to healthcare

We originated the Weitzman Institute, our research and development arm, so that our clinical leadership and community partners are guided by the latest, most advanced thinking on the challenges and issues of modern healthcare.