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CHC Newsletters


Since its 35th anniversary, CHC has been publishing a four-page, high-quality newsletter that keeps its readers abreast of current events at the agency. The newsletter, Healthy Change, highlights the agency’s mission statement on its first page, and its content talks about CHC’s growing services and innovations. If you’d like to be placed on our email distribution list, please send your email address to Saladin@chc1.com. In the meantime, click on the newsletters below to read past issues.


CHC’s Weitzman Institute publishes a quarterly newsletter, which started originally as “The Quality Focus” in the Summer of 2011. This four-page newsletter keeps readers abreast of current projects and programs with which the Weitzman Institute is involved . If you’d like to join our mailing list, please e-mail FeeneyP@chc1.com with your mailing address. Past issues of the newsletter are available below for download.