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Published on Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Community Health Center, Inc. Raises 2018 Minimum Wage to $18.50

MIDDLETOWN, Conn., January 24, 2018: As part of a multi-year initiative to provide a living wage for its employees, Community Health Center, Inc. (CHC) has raised its 2018 minimum wage to $18.50 per hour.

CHC began evaluating its salary structure in 2011 and determined the state’s minimum wage (currently $10.10 per hour) did not meet the needs of entry level workers. Thus, the statewide agency began incrementally increasing its minimum wage with the goal of getting to $18.50. While additional increases are not anticipated, CHC will continue to ensure its employees receive a living wage.

Entry level workers in Connecticut are younger, they are single heads of households and they represent the state’s diversity.  Connecticut is an expensive place to live and these employees are the workforce leaders of the future – they need wages recognizing this fact and encouraging them to continue their education.

“At CHC we are committed to a well-paid workforce, and our expectations of each worker’s responsibility matches our pay,” said Mark Masselli, CHC’s founder and president. “We strive to be a voice and vehicle for social justice, and we believe paying a living wage helps us achieve that purpose while driving personal income growth in Connecticut.”

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Author: Gabby Pantalena

Categories: CHC News Releases