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Published on Monday, July 10, 2017

Innovative Medical Assistant Program Expands to CT

NIMAA Receives State Authorization to Operate Occupational School

MIDDLETOWN, Conn., July 10, 2017: The National Institute for Medical Assistant Advancement (NIMAA), a national training program designed for the team-based model of healthcare by leading primary care organizations, has received Office of Higher Education authorization to operate a private occupational school in Connecticut.

NIMAA was established by Community Health Center, Inc. (CHC) of Connecticut and Salud Family Health Centers of Colorado, two of the nation’s leading primary care organizations.

NIMAA currently operates a medical assistant training school in Colorado; Connecticut is its second school as the program begins to grow rapidly throughout the U.S. Host clinics in several states are expected to join by the time classes begin in September, with the goal of attaining state approval to open schools in many more states.

The NIMAA training program provides live and on-line instruction with formal mentoring and hands-on clinical training from day one so participants learn traditional skills as well as inter-professional and integrated team-based care skills from experts on-line, reinforced the next day at the primary care clinics hosting the program.

“NIMAA was created to address the changing team-based model of primary care across the country,” says Mark Splaine, MD, MS, a member of the NIMAA staff and Director of Education at CHC’s Weitzman Institute. “NIMAA offers training and hands-on clinical experience throughout the seven-month course – so our students are prepared to work in the clinical setting their first day on the job. In addition, the NIMAA curriculum incorporates changes to the health care delivery system not reflected in other educational programs.”

NIMAA students graduate with outstanding skills, but without the crushing debt many medical assistants carry. In Connecticut, tuition for the seven-month program is set at $6,000, excluding fees.

Medical Assistants are in demand, with the U.S. Department of Labor anticipating a 20 percent growth in the need for highly-trained MAs within the next ten years.

“NIMAA offers aspiring medical assistants an unmatched education at an affordable price. We’re delighted to bring this school to Connecticut and look forward to continued growth nationally,” says Mark Masselli, chairman of the NIMAA board of directors and president and CEO of Community Health Center, Inc.

NIMAA classes begin in September. For more information visit www.nimaa1.org.


About the National Institute for Medical Assistant Advancement. NIMAA is a learning institute focused on a new and innovative approach to medical assistant training created in partnership between Community Health Center, Inc., in Connecticut and Salud Family Health Centers in Colorado. The NIMAA program uses the latest on-line teaching tools with experiential learning in host clinics to train medical assistants to be effective members of the primary care team in community health centers and other high-performing healthcare organizations. For more information, visit NIMAA1.org.

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Author: Meaghan Lyver

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