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Our Model of Care

The CHC approach to healthcare delivery

Our role and our goal have been consistent from our inception: to transform the way healthcare is delivered.

When we began providing care in 1972, our focus was simply to make sure everyone who needed healthcare had access to it, regardless of ability to pay. But as CHC grew, we began to ask ourselves a more important question: “What do people need access to?”

The CHC mission is not just to provide healthcare, but to make sure that the care we provide is the best it can be, and is what best meets the needs of our communities and patients.

This is what we mean by transforming healthcare delivery. Transformation means combining quality and access.

There are 3 critical paths in this transformational work:

  • The ongoing pursuit of clinical excellence
  • The integration of innovation and research into our work
  • Training for healthcare professionals that prepares them for the challenges now and in the future