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Medical Care

The primary role of primary care

The core of CHC’s work is comprehensive primary care for individuals of all ages and at all stages of life. We subscribe to the belief that effective primary care sets into motion a range of outcomes that are central to our mission of creating healthier people and healthier communities.

The key components

Family medicine is the core of our medical practice, with internal medicine, pediatrics, women’s health, HIV/AIDS, and podiatry care also offered at most CHC sites.

Additional supports such as nutrition counseling, breastfeeding support, telephonic disease management, diabetes education, and case management support the core services.

Behavioral health integration

Recognizing the importance of behavioral healthcare in primary care, CHC has an integrated model of behavioral health and primary care.

Psychiatric specialists for both adults and children practice in sync with medical care providers. The result: Each patient’s health is considered from multiple perspectives, and health issues related to individual behavior can be identified and addressed.

Clinical facilities designed for interdisciplinary action

Interdisciplinary practice and teamwork is an essential element of our planned care model.

Our clinical facilities are designed to create “pods” for each team, which generally include the primary care provider, medical assistant, and nurse. Increasingly, a behavioralist is assigned to each pod as well.

This physical structure enables communication among clinicians and support staff – and gives the patient a clear sense that his or her health is being addressed comprehensively. In turn, this builds confidence, trust, and communication between patient and providers.