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Specialty Programs

Click through the list below to learn more about each of the CHC Specialty Programs and Services.

Assistance in Getting Care and Public Health Benefits

At Community Health Center, Inc., we believe health care is a right, not a privilege. We provide medical, dental and behavioral health care to uninsured individuals as well as those with public health insurance, such as HUSKY. 

If you need to see a healthcare provider, please call to make an appointment. When you come in for your appointment, an Access to Care team member will help you apply for public health insurance programs or coverage that you may qualify for. People who are not eligible can receive care at one of our Community Health Centers at a reduced rate through our sliding scale fees.

You can also determine your eligibility for public health insurance with one of CHC’s ACA specialists. Our ACA team is trained to assist with your application and answer any questions you may have about your eligibility.  Team members are available to assist in person or over the phone.

Already have HUSKY? Take note…it may be time to renew! Please be aware that Husky’s income guideline for adults has changed making many adults ineligible. Just because you have been deemed ineligible for Husky does NOT mean you are not eligible for a Qualified Health Plan through Access Health.

HUSKY coverage and Qualified Health Plans must be renewed each year. It’s important to update information about yourself and your family to ensure continued and appropriate coverage.

Call 1-877-CT-HUSKY to find out the status of your coverage and how to renew. It’s easy—and much easier than finding out your child doesn’t have health insurance when they need it.

You may contact a CHC ACA team member with questions or concerns about coverage by calling 1-860-347-6971; just ask to be connected with an ACA specialist.

School-Based Health Services / Mobile Dental Program

School-based health services are a proven strategy for reducing school absences, improving performance, and reducing health disparities in prevention and chronic diseases in children and adolescents. We are committed to going wherever we need to in order to reach our target populations, and the school is where our pediatric population spends most of its time. CHC has worked with local school boards since 1992 to develop school health services consistent with their desires and needs. All health care is local, and nowhere is this truer than in the choices that local communities make about school health services. Today, CHC operates a range of health services in schools from full scope (medicine, dentistry, mental health) to single service, such as behavioral health, to a widely acclaimed mobile dental program in over a hundred schools across Connecticut. With this philosophy in mind, CHC, Inc. now provides health services in over 100 schools across Connecticut. Our mobile dental program is nationally recognized for its efficient, effective outreach, enrollment, and clinical services. 

Click here to learn more about our School Based Health Centers. 

Click here to learn more about our Mobile Dental Sites.

Stress Reduction Program

CHC’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program (SRP) is an 8-week course with classes meeting once a week for 2 hours, at the Community Health Center of Meriden. The class is taught bilingually by Beth Roth, APRN, who has been teaching the SRP since 1993. Patients learn a variety of relaxation and meditation techniques including awareness of breathing, guided relaxation, gentle stretching, and walking meditation. Class members receive CDs for home meditation practice. To gain the most from the program, patients should be committed to attend all 8 classes, and to spend a half hour each day doing home meditation practice.

This program is ideal for patients living with anger management, headaches, asthma, heart disease, anxiety/panic attacks, high blood pressure, cancer, HIV infection and AIDS, chronic pain, sleep disorders, depression, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, stomach problems and irritable bowel syndrome, substance abuse recovery,  or family/parenting stress.

Cost and Insurance Coverage:
-  Medicaid, Title XIX and most insurance companies will cover this service. CHC will bill your insurance company directly and you will be responsible for any insurance co-payment.

-  Patients who do not have health insurance, or whose insurance does not cover the program, pay a sliding scale fee based on income. Scholarship funds may be available to help self-pay patients cover the cost of the program.

Comments and Praise from CHC SRP Graduates:
“My diabetes and high blood pressure have improved. I learned how to relax, and I’m sleeping better at night. This course has really enhanced my life, and I will always be grateful for the opportunity to have taken it. ”

“I’ve had a marvelous experience. Meditation is a useful tool to help me relax and cope better with my chronic disease. The Stress Reduction Program changed my life.”

“I’m a calmer person now, and I don’t have headaches and back pain like I used to. The Stress Reduction Program would be beneficial to everyone, to become a healthier and more peaceful person.”

View a video about the stress reduction program

To participate, please contact the CHC Stress Reduction Program at (860) 347-6971 x6248.

HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment, and Management

Community Health Center, Inc. is committed to preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS, detecting HIV/AIDS as early as possible, initiating the most effective evidence-based treatment, and ensuring that persons living with HIV/AIDS receive the most holistic, compassionate, and comprehensive set of services available. All sites routinely provide HIV counseling, testing, and education in accord with Centers for Disease Control recommendations. A Ryan White Early Intervention Services participant for many years, CHC provides HIV/AIDS medical treatment directly at some of its sites and indirectly, through referral to community specialists in other sites. Our Oasis Center in Middletown is a social support center for people living with the virus and is a critical source of care, case management, and social engagement. HIV/AIDS can affect many components of a patient’s everyday life, and our providers make sure that patients obtain the comprehensive care they deserve. 

Wherever You Are Health Care for the Homeless

Of all of the vulnerable and special populations within CHC, Inc., persons who do not have a stable housing situation—or even just a roof over their heads—face enormous difficulties. While working with coalitions and communities to end homelessness, CHC, Inc. also devotes special attention to health care for this population. We created our “WYA.” (Wherever You Are) Health Care for the Homeless program to do just that. A special team of nurse practitioner, physician, registered nurse, substance abuse counselor, psychiatric APRN and outreach worker staff small efficient clinics within multiple homeless, domestic violence, and transitional shelters in New Britain, Meriden, and Middletown. Our goal is to assess the health needs of every shelter resident, provide prompt treatment for acute problems, update the individual on necessary preventive care such as immunizations and screenings, and then connect the individual with one of our primary care sites for any on-going primary care. The range of health problems encountered—from weather exposure disorders to infection to addiction—is challenging. Our patients are not just the single adults most often thought of in planning services for the homeless but also women, children, and sometimes even newborns just discharged from the hospital.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (BCCEDP)

Breast and cervical cancer are two of the leading, cancer-causing deaths among women. Early detection through regular screening in accord with evidence-based guidelines is the single most important factor in reducing morbidity and mortality. Women who are uninsured, publicly insured, or members of racial and ethnic minorities are known to defer screening or not receive screening at all due to barriers in accessing these services. The nationally funded BCCEDP program supports state health departments in providing resources to community-based organizations such as CHC, Inc. to find, enroll, and screen uninsured women and to provide any necessary follow up treatment. CHC, Inc. is a statewide participant in this effort.

Prenatal Care

CHC’s Center for Prenatal Care can be found at our Middletown, Meriden, and Clinton sites. Beginning with pregnancy testing our multidisciplinary staff provides quality care designed to support the goal of a healthy pregnancy and birth for pregnant women. After delivery our staff coordinates postpartum and well-baby care for our patients. Our holistic approach allows us to attend to all of the patient’s needs, including emotional and oral health needs through assessments and referrals. Our certified staff provides a wide range of health education during the perinatal period, including lactation support, childbirth classes, family planning, and diabetes and nutrition education. Our coordination of services includes assistance with Husky applications and other forms of coverage, text4baby, housing, and the WIC program. 

The Center for Prenatal Care also offers the “Healthy Start Program,” which focuses on positive birth outcomes for women and their babies.  The program provides assessment of medical and social needs, the development of a care plan, care coordination, health education, and linkages to services in the community.

Classes are free and open to the community! To register for a class, please call (860) 347-6971 ext. 3070.

Girls Circle Group

The Girls Circle is a free 10-week program held at the Family Wellness Center in Middletown dedicated to enhancing self-esteem, empowerment, and healthy relationships in girls 8-12. The group is held every Wednesday at 4:30. Please called Michelle Marone at (860) 344-9599 if interested in participating.

Reversing the Obesity Epidemic Through Prevention and Treatment

CHC is taking a “multi-modal” approach to obesity. Our Foodsmart and Fit® program engages adolescents and adults in a six-week program of intensive group support, education, nutrition counseling and fitness activities. Our Recess Rocks® program brings dance-as-exercise into elementary schools throughout–schools across the state. Our Healthy Tomorrows for Teens program specifically addresses teens at a large high school through a teen empowerment model. Our new Salud America program will engage our communities in further planning and strategizing to address this epidemic. At the same time, a dietician/nutritionist is available to support the medical team in the primary care centers. CHC recognizes that this is going to require a long-term commitment and is steadily building a body of work that can support both CHC and other organizations in fighting this epidemic.

Supporting Healthy Families

A strong and healthy family sets the stage for the growth and development of healthy children. Being a parent is a challenging and stressful role. CHC contributes to healthy families by creating opportunities for individual and group support, education, and social activities for young families. The CHC Nurturing Families Program of home visitation to new families at risk is one strategy. The Family Wellness Center is CHC's Family Education and Enrichment center. The FWC's are located in both Middletown and New Britain, but are open to all residents of Connecticut. Programs are primarily for children (ages birth-5 years) and their parents or caregivers. Programs include toddler playgroups, mother's support groups, parent education classes, and nutrition and movement classes. All programs are free to attend.

Domestic Violence Shelter and Community Services

Despite great advances in public awareness and legal support, too many women still experience violence, injury and even death at the hands of an intimate partner. For almost 30 years, CHC has operated New Horizons Domestic Violence Shelter, a 24/7 emergency shelter for women and children fleeing domestic abuse. New Horizons Shelter is one element of a comprehensive approach to intimate partner violence (IPV) that also includes community education, support groups, individual counseling, and consultation to CHC’s clinical provider teams. CHC’s New Horizons staff are members of the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence and work as part of that coalition to push for ongoing advancement of legislation and policy that protect the health and interests of women.

Vinnie’s Jump and Jive Dance Studio

Vinnie’s is one way we put the “community” in Community Health Center. Got the urge to cut loose? Then we have the place for you. Vinnie’s Jump and Jive Dance Studio on Main Street in Middletown attracts dancers from five states to its Swing nights. Downtown Main Street comes alive many nights with the sounds of salsa, swing, country dance and the vision of people of all ages enjoying the joy of movement. And it is not just about dancing—Vinnie’s brings people together in social engagement while encouraging healthy lifestyles. Vinnie’s offers a range of classes and events that provide people of all ages and abilities a change to experience the joy of movement. From break dancing to NIA, yoga to “hooping,” Vinnie’s has created a vital center in the heart of Middletown. Sometimes dancing is more than just dancing, and Vinnie’s can satisfy the most eclectic dance fever. And not just on Saturday night. 

Click here to visit the Jump and Jive website.