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Assistance in Getting Care and Public Health Benefits

At Community Health Center, Inc., we believe health care is a right, not a privilege. We provide medical, dental and behavioral health care to uninsured individuals as well as those with public health insurance, such as HUSKY.

If you need to see a healthcare provider, please call to make an appointment. When you come in for your appointment, an Access to Care team member will help you apply for public health insurance programs or coverage that you may qualify for. People who are not eligible can receive care at one of our Community Health Centers at a reduced rate through our sliding scale fees.

You can also determine your eligibility for public health insurance with CHC's new benefits screener. Answer 10 simple questions to find out which programs you may qualify for, learn more about them and download applications.

Already have HUSKY? Take note…it may be time to renew!
HUSKY coverage must be renewed each year. Every year, 30,000 children and adults enroll in HUSKY, but only 59 percent will renew their coverage by the second year. As a result, many people who still qualify for insurance, go without.

Call 1-877-CT-HUSKY to find out the status of your coverage and how to renew. It's easy—and much easier than finding out your child doesn't have health insurance when they need it.