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How to Become a Patient

If you are looking to become a patient of Community Health Center,  Inc., please pick the site that would be the most convenient to you and your family. You can find a list of all locations and phone numbers under our Locations Tab. Once you choose a location, please call the number listed—one of our Reception team members will be happy to assist you in becoming a patient.  If you are underinsured or uninsured, our Access to Care workers can help you find services throughout the state. Then, once you are a patient of Community Health Center, you will be able to use our patient portal.


A sliding fee is available to all patient of the Community Health Center. No one is denied access to the sliding fee discount. 

When you begin the application, please make an account with your email address and follow the instructions as prompted once you log in and see the form. Contact any of our staff members for assistance in applying for the sliding fee discount.

Click here to apply online.