National Institute for Medical Assistant Advancement Graduates Class of 2019

Denver, Colorado, April 24, 2019: The National Institute for Medical Assistant Advancement (NIMAA) today graduated its Class of 2019 during a nationwide ceremony. Forty-eight students participated in the event, connected via videoconference, which took place at community health centers in five states.

“NIMAA is delighted to graduate our third class of students,” commented Elena Thomas Faulkner, NIMAA CEO. “These graduates in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, and Pennsylvania are passionate about medical assisting and prepared for today’s health care environment.  We look forward to seeing the impact they make on the health of their communities.”

NIMAA was founded in 2016 by two leading community health centers, Community Health Center, Inc. in Connecticut and Salud Family Health Centers in Colorado, seeking to address the growing need for medical assistants trained to excel in demanding team-based primary care environments.

The role of medical assistants has changed drastically in recent years, as team-based health is at the forefront of primary care delivery. Often the first point of contact with patients, NIMAA graduates are prepared to take an active role on the care team from their first day on the job. The majority of the 2019 graduate are pursuing careers at Federally Qualified Health Centers, the backbone of the country’s healthcare safety-net.


About National Institute for Medical Assistant Advancement
The National Institute for Medical Assistant Advancement (NIMAA) is a nonprofit education institute that trains Medical Assistants to work effectively in today’s high-performing primary care settings. NIMAA was created by community health centers to provide access to education and employment opportunities in the communities they serve, while addressing a critical workforce shortage. For more information, visit