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Who We Are

CHC is building a world class primary health care system

We are defining how a full spectrum of health care services – including both physical and mental health – can be delivered where they are needed most. The intent in everything we do is to improve health outcomes for our patients and build healthy communities.

Our Mission:

Community Health Center, Inc. (CHCI) is building a world class primary care organization, committed to special populations, improving health outcomes and building healthier communities through clinical excellence, research and innovation, and training the next generation.

CHCI is based on consumer control and is committed to ensuring human rights and respecting human dignity; as such, it strives to be a voice and vehicle for social change.

Serving more than 145,000 patients

We began in 1972 co-founded by Mark Masselli, and the principles that inform and drive our actions have not changed.

As a result, CHC has become a leading independent, non-profit healthcare provider in the state of Connecticut, providing comprehensive primary care services in medicine, dentistry, and behavioral health to more than 145,000 people.

Committed to the underserved…

Our programs are available to all, but we have a special commitment to the uninsured, underinsured, and key populations such as patients with HIV/AIDS.

For a constantly growing number of people in practically every Connecticut town, we are the healthcare organization that works to keep our patients—and our communities—healthy.


…going beyond traditional care…

CHC practices what is widely considered the future course of healthcare delivery.

We incorporate prevention and health promotion, treatment of illness, and management of chronic disease – often all during the same visit. Using innovative service delivery models and state of the art technology, CHC goes beyond traditional health services to bring care to the places it is most needed, and most impactful.


…and affordable care to everyone

A sliding fee is available to all patients of the Community Health Center. No one is denied access to the sliding fee discount. Contact any of our staff members for assistance in applying for the sliding fee discount.