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Dr. Tichianaa Armah: In a time of mental health crisis, look to schools: Here’s why, and how

24 Apr, 2022 - Originally posted at Hartford Courant A promising, active 11-year-old girl suddenly becomes withdrawn at home. Her mother suspects depression. Mom calls her insurance provider for an in-network list and finds most therapists, psychiatrists and nurse practitioners with openings have cash-only private practices. Those few taking insurance are not accepting new patients. Without an appointment, she […]

New Initiative Allows Same Day COVID Testing And Treatment

06 Apr, 2022 - Originally posted on CT News Junkie Hundreds of pharmacies and federally qualified community health centers across Connecticut are now offering COVID testing and treatments to patients at the same time and place. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, these test-to-treat sites provide antiviral medication to hundreds of locations across the U.S, who […]

MedPage Today: Third Person ‘Cured’ of HIV via Transplant

16 Feb, 2022 - Originally posted at MedPage Today A U.S. woman appears to be free of her HIV infection after receiving closely matched blood from a relative and HIV-resistant umbilical cord blood, researchers reported. Following the general game plan of two European men who required bone marrow transplantation for cancer and received their transplant from donors with rare […]

HIV Plus Magazine: Has a Woman Really Been “Cured” of HIV for the First Time Ever?

15 Feb, 2022 - Originally posted at HIV Plus Magazine Each year dozens of scientists, researchers, health care providers, educators, and other experts get together to share the latest science on HIV and other viruses at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI). One of the biggest announcements to come from this year’s conference, CROI 2022, is that a […]

The Hill: Scientists Say First Woman Apparently Cured of HIV

15 Feb, 2022 - Originally posted at The Hill Scientists announced Tuesday that the first woman appears to be cured of HIV using a cutting-edge stem cell transplant method.  According to the National Institutes of Health, this is the third known case of HIV remission in an individual who received a stem cell transplant. The results suggest that cord stem cell […]

ABC News: Breakthrough treatment makes woman 3rd person to be cured of HIV

15 Feb, 2022 - Originally posted at ABC News Researchers revealed on Tuesday that an American, described as a middle-aged woman of mixed race, has likely been cured of HIV after undergoing a new transplant procedure using donated umbilical cord blood. The patient, who needed a stem cell transplant for leukemia, reportedly developed a new HIV-resistant immune system following […]

CNN: Federal government makes a push for community health centers to provide virtual health services beyond the pandemic

14 Feb, 2022 - Originally posted at CNN The Biden administration is making another push for telehealth and other digital disease-monitoring tools to become sustainable beyond the pandemic. The US Department of Health and Human Services announced Monday that it’s giving nearly $55 million to improve access to community health centers that have played a vital role in patient care as […]

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