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Student and Trainee Opportunities

Training for the next generation for clinical complexity and performance

An exceptional and unique training experience

The dedication to training the next generation of healthcare workforce is seen in the educational and training placements offered across the agency in all disciplines including medical, dental, behavioral health, and non-clinical healthcare students and residents in training.  In the year 2019, CHC provided high-quality education and training opportunities to over 400 students and 120 residents in training.  We have affiliation agreements with over 30 different educational institutions, including Yale, UCONN, Fairfield University, Quinnipiac University, Georgetown, Fordham University, University of Hartford, and health care institutions including, Middlesex, St. Francis, and Connecticut Children’s Hospitals. The capacity to provide educational instruction and hands-on training in our clinics and school based sites is due to the high-caliber and dedication of our CHC preceptors.  Students and residents in training are exposed to a multi-disciplinary approach in a primary care setting that serves underserved populations.  The student placements provided this year were comprised of the following:

Behavioral Health 23
Child Psych MD Student 3
MFT Student 2
MSN PMHNP Student 5
MSW Student 10
PsyD Student 3
Dental Assistant Student 4
Dental Resident DMD 6
Dental Student 6
RD Hygiene Student 62
Medical 364
Chiropractic Student 21
Dietitian 6
Medical Assistant Student 10
Medical Student 73
MSN Adult Gero Student 10
MSN FNP Student 43
MSN PNP Student 8
MSN CNM Student 15
BSN Student 55
Physician’s Assistant 1
Pediatric Chief Resident 6
Pediatric Resident 76
Family Medicine Resident DO 15
Family Medicine Resident MD 25
Other 53
Non Clinical Intern 16
Research Student 37

Students work as part of a team-based, interprofessional collaborative care model. In this model, behavioral health clinicians, primary care providers, nurses, dentists and pharmacists all work closely together, sharing the same electronic health record and often seated together in the same pod.

Students are immersed in data driven, continuous front line quality improvement and they receive ongoing feedback on their performance. CHC will request ongoing feedback from the student on their experience relative to their expectations.

CHC is nationally recognized as an industry leader for the quality of its care, the expertise of its staff, and its innovations in technology, healthcare delivery, and clinical quality improvement.

CHC is accredited by the Joint Commission under ambulatory and behavioral health standards and is recognized by the NCQA as a Level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Home, and by the Joint Commission as a Primary Care Medical Home.

Types of programs include:

  • Chiropractor
  • Family Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Dietitians
  • Research Students
  • Dental
  • Behavioral Health

If you have an interest and don’t see your field listed, contact us!

How to participate

  • EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS: CHC requires a formal affiliation with our academic partners. Educational institutions interested in developing a new agreement should contact Victoria Malvey at malveyv@chc1.com
  • STUDENTS/TRAINEES: Students who are interested in securing a training/education experience at CHC must ask their educational institution to contact CHC with a request
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Students get hands-on experience in a clinical setting.
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Students are fully integrated into the CHC team.