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At the Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s Hot Pink Party, Everyone Wore the Vibrant Hue

Originally posted on vogue.com.

The Glasshouse, perched on the west end of Midtown Manhattan, looks out over the serene waters of the Hudson River; last night, it was aglow with the warm reflection of a gorgeous spring sunset. Yet inside, where the annual Breast Cancer Research Foundation Hot Pink Party took place, the space was illuminated with hues of pink in celebration of the organization’s tremendous contributions to breast cancer research.

At the reception hall, festooned with freshly-picked pink and red roses, attendees—including Candace Bushnell, Vera Wang, Jill and Harry Kragman, Eliana Lauder, Ariana Huffington, and Anthony Von Mandl, among others—sipped on glittering Hot Pink cocktails as they anticipated the upcoming festivities of the evening.

As attendees settled into their seats, Elizabeth Hurley, actress and Global Ambassador of The Estée Lauder Companies Breast Cancer Campaign for nearly 30 years, served as the evening’s host, greeting guests with a heartfelt message. “I know that for many of us, this evening is bittersweet. It’s bitter because I know that most of us have probably been affected by breast cancer in some way, and maybe this past year, you probably know someone who’s been diagnosed, someone who is being treated, or maybe somebody who didn’t make it,” she says. “But the sweet part is, you are part of something magnificent—you are here tonight, you’re supporting an unbelievable foundation that has done so much for so many people and is going to continue to do so whilst people like you are being so phenomenal, and helping so so much.”

The evening marked the celebration of two inspiring awardees, Kinga Lampert (who received the Evelyn H. Lauder Spirit of Philanthropy Award) and Margaret Flinter (honoree of The Roslyn and Leslie Goldstein Unsung Hero Award). Lampert, a survivor of breast cancer, shared her personal journey of battling the disease. She recounted poignant moments that motivated her to keep fighting, from receiving colorful scarves from friends after losing her hair to rounds of chemotherapy to daydreaming about her two children walking down the aisle (whom, she jokingly pleaded, not to do so anytime soon).

After dinner was served, benefit auctioneer Lydia Fenet took the stage—persuading guests to open their hearts (and wallets) for a good cause. Lampert’s children, Nina and Nicholas, ignited a wave of charitable contributions with a generous donation of half a million dollars in honor of their mother. And after an exhilarating display of generosity, the evening’s efforts resulted in a record-breaking achievement of raising $10.3 million for the BCRF. Concluding the program, a warm video message from honorary co-chair Sir Elton John played for guests, who thanked attendees for their steadfast support.

But the evening’s climax was set ablaze by the performance of Motown legend Diana Ross, who took the stage in a dazzling red ensemble. Her opening notes of “I’m Coming Out” electrified the audience, prompting them to hit the dance floor as they moved to the beat of her unforgettable hits to cap off an equally unforgettable night.