Moses/Weitzman Health System increases minimum wage to $21.00 per hour, with $23.00 goal for 2026

Middletown, Conn. – The Moses/Weitzman Health System, home to Community Health Center, Inc., has increased its minimum wage to $21.00, with a goal of increasing the system’s minimum wage to $23.00 over the next twenty-four months.

The Health System’s previous minimum wage was set at $20.00 per hour. The federal minimum wage is $7.25 and the State of Connecticut minimum wage, $14.00 per hour.

“Our board of directors and leadership team remain committed to providing a fair living wage for all our employees,” said Yvette Highsmith-Francis and Nicole Seagriff, Community Health Center’s Regional Vice Presidents. “This longstanding practice reflects both our system’s commitment to social justice and the establishment a fair minimum wage for those entry level employees who are the foundation of our work and future.”

The Moses/Weitzman Health System (MWHS) is America’s first health system dedicated to transforming primary care through direct clinical care, education, consultation, and research. In addition to Community Health Center, Inc., It is comprised of ConferMED, the Consortium for Advanced Practice Providers, and the National Institute for Medical Assistant Advancement. The nationally known Weitzman Institute is MWHS’s research and evaluation program.
Jan. 2, 2024