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Welcome to Telehealth at Community Health Center

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Meet with your Community Health Center provider or therapist virtually.

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Save a trip to the office and skip the waiting room with telehealth from CHC.

How it Works

Click here to watch a video to see what the telehealth experience is like!

  1. Download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app to your smartphone or tablet
    1. Click here for iOS/Apple
    2. Click here for Android
  2. Be on the lookout for texts or emails from CHC with your telehealth appointment time.
  3. The text or email has a link at the bottom to search for and open your provider’s personal virtual waiting room – Make sure to save this!
  4. Tap your provider’s Zoom waiting room 10 minutes before your appointment time


  • Can I join from anywhere?
    • Yes! As long as you have access to Wi-Fi or data.
  • Is my visit private/secure?
    • Yes. We use the video platform Zoom, which is HIPAA-secure. It will be just as private and secure as seeing your primary care provider in person.
  • What devices can I use?
    • You can use your smartphone (such as a Google/Samsung Android or iPhone) or tablet (such as an iPad or Surface).
  • What else do I need to know?
    • You can read and sign our Telehealth Consent form here.
    • Make sure you check your internet connection. Wi-Fi is best for a great video experience.
    • Use headphones or make sure you’re in a quiet area. This will keep your visit private.
    • Hold tight! Sometimes we can run behind, just like in the office.

Telehealth Visit Guide

Before Your Appointment

1. Download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app for iOS or Android.Links:
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Android (Samsung, Google)
2. Once Zoom is downloaded, test your connection in the area you will be joining your appointment from by going to Click “Got It” so Zoom can access your phone.Step 1
3. Click “Allow” when asked to record audio – this does not mean the clinician will actually record the session. This is just Zoom’s way of asking to use your microphone for the session. Step 2
4. Tap the camera and microphone icons to join video and audio.Step 3
5. If everything is set up correctly, you will be able to see yourself. If you need help, go to

During Your Appointment

1. Open the text or email appointment reminder from CHC and tap the link “To join your visit, click here.”Patient Text Example 4.6.2020 With Arrow
2. This will bring you to a virtual waiting room. You do not need to click anything. Step 5
3. Tap “Call Using Internet Audio” so you can hear your provider.Photo For Chc Telehealth Call Using Internet Audio Edit
4. Your provider will join the call via video. If you tap your screen during the visit, several icons appear.Step 6
5. If you accidentally tap the “End” button, you can tap “Stay.” To end, tap “Leave Meeting.”Step 7

After Your Appointment

1. Please open the text from CHC Telehealth, tap the survey link, and complete the short anonymous survey
An Asian Doctor Who Is Remotely Consulting With A Patient. Telehealth Concept

Connect with your provider on your phone with telehealth at CHC!

COVID-19 tests are available! Call 475-241-0740 to schedule or get your results and click for more information.