Programa de Residencia Postdoctoral en Psicología

Capacitar a la próxima generación de proveedores de atención de la salud conductual

Applications are open for the 2024-2025 Post-Doctoral Residency training year; completed applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.  

Servimos a muchos clientes hispanohablantes y por lo tanto, los residentes de psicología tienen la oportunidad de proporcionar psicoterapia en Español.

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The Postdoctoral Residency Program at Community Health Center Inc. (CHC) is one of few APA accredited programs in a community health center setting. CHC offers a top-notch level of training within an integrated care setting that is pivotal for any clinician due to its breadth and diversity of experiences. The opportunities to tailor one’s training experience to focus on specific areas of interest as well as the emphases placed on fostering leadership, quality improvement, and supervisory skills are unique aspects that set the residency program apart from others.

CHC provides the opportunity to work within a fast-paced environment, where residents are able to function independently as providers while also experiencing a supportive training structure.

CHC residents practice and train within multiple clinic locations positioned across the state, where they are able to collaborate within an extensive integrated network of providers and a residency cohort. Residents work alongside many different providers, including but not limited to medical doctors, advanced practice registered nurses, dentists, medical assistants, registered nurses, podiatrists, dieticians, psychiatric providers, chiropractors and prenatal providers. Our residency program prepares trainees to be independent, ethical, resilient, and well-trained clinicians who are equipped to work in any clinical setting.  As such, applicants from diverse identities and experiences are encouraged to apply.

CHC’s psychology training programs are committed to recruiting and retaining staff and trainees who reflect the diverse client population they serve, as well as supporting ongoing training and development for all. The programs recognize that social determinants of health intersect with client identities and the population we serve. It is our priority to understand and address how these influences affect clients’ presenting concerns and treatment progress. The program expects residents to openly discuss aspects of their identity throughout the training year, and to analyze the role identity plays in patient care, personal bias, and supervision. The discussion of multiculturalism and diversity is an ongoing process for everyone involved in the residency program. 

Individuals who excelled in the residency show experience and passion for working with diverse and underserved populations within the program’s concentration areas. They thrive in a fast paced, dynamic setting because of their flexibility, tenacity, and high regard for ethical, timely, and accurate work. They are an asset to their team members through consistent collaboration and support.

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View our program data updated as of 11/24/2023:
Admisiones de residencia postdoctoral, apoyo y datos de colocación inicial (PDF)

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